Needed a Vacation: Iceland

I really needed a vacation. Like really, really needed a major one. The past couple years I hadn’t really been able to step away from work for a week and it’s not been optimal for my health or productivity. I had a good work/life balance until last year when I began to change up the sorts of services I offer and a bunch of major changes and tragedies happened.

A few major things happened last year. I got rid of the office space for my company and our salesman Tristan passed away in an accident. I couldn’t really focus behind a computer screen as well as I had prior, so I took up part time taxi driving to meet new people, make some extra cash, and clear my head. We stopped pushing into as many different businesses as we had been in before and worked to service our referral and word of mouth clients.

Four years ago I did a pretty epic month long road trip to Newfoundland and since then I’ve done a ton of weekend roadtrips, but nothing to that extent. This year I decided to go to Iceland with Katie. I’m happy I did, she’s truly amazing and has been there by my side through everything. I couldn’t have a better partner. This year we’ve been focusing on getting her new business running smooth with framing and art sales. She’s been crushing it in business but we’re on the lookout for new retail space as her landlord won’t rent out the new space.

Tips on Iceland

I think I’d really want to go back to hike Svartfoss and to see the northern lights. That and hit the pools up again.

Anyways you can check out my raw photostream at:


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