Writing Session

A year? Yeah, I think it’s been a year. (It’s been 3 now) I’ve been stuck not publishing or really writing much because I don’t know where to begin. I do write a lot in chat and 1-in-1 interactions. 1-to-many I’m more uncomfortable with.

Let me be clear: I don’t fear the consequences of what I publish, it’s the not publishing anything that’s killing me. I am a generalist that understands how to constantly shift my perspective to analyze ideas and issues. This makes it incredibly hard to write to write on topics where I do have a specific viewpoint, but I see the other perspectives. I’ve been wrong in my writing before and sometimes to get a good discussion/argument going I’ll just take a position even if I know I’ll abandon it later. Sometimes I have to issue retractions or corrections as new information comes in. Issuing corrections isn’t a big deal, it’s dealing with negative audience feedback that’s a pain.

Do I write about communications technology? I know a ton about wireless/cellular tech. I have been considering making a small series showing some old wireless tech that’s about to go extinct.

Do I write about music? I slumped a bit last year on collecting, but towards the end of the year I’ve started to pick up the hobby again of curating a large collection. It’s probably a better fit for Twitter to just throw music picks up in a weekly thread or something. Update: I dumped twitter, on Mastodon now, not as active

Do I write about the state of the country/world? Ideas range from the garbage politics both domestic and international. I’ve held back on these topics because they are incredibly polarizing and it’s not the place. If I do write on these topics, it needs to be on an actionable focus, something to understand. Think tearing down a machine to describe the history and why it works as it does. It needs to be like that.

I guess the real plan right now is to push out some of my old drafts, this is an old draft I’ve added to. Next one will probably be on Gentoo Linux stuff, I’ve been contributing on that. I have to update all of my company’s pages too, and finally finish another company website, which will likely be my last commercial website build…. if it ships. I’ll write about some of the bad things too that lead to that delay. Yeah, until next time…


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