“So when’s your book coming out?” Dave, a rando at the local pub asks.

I guess must show through that so much swirls through my head every day that should be put to down to text. There’s been a nagging feeling that I have to write, and I’m encouraged to do so by people that know me well. A book isn’t in the cards yet, I’m not well positioned enough to bang one out, though I’m likely qualified to write at least a few on some domain topics.

Where have I been #

So it’s been probably very apparent that my goal to post a blog post or piece of writing every day starting in January wasn’t being achieved. There are reasons, some of them couldn’t be helped, that have been resolved recently. But I don’t want to run before I walk and writing in many ways, just like learning a language, is an exercise that improves by doing it regularly.

I’m a generalist #

This is not a label I’ve come to accept easily and it comes with a lot of baggage. Basically, due to how my brain’s wired and what life has thrown at me, I adapted by being adaptable. I gathered as much knowledge across different topics as I could and never completed a specialized degree. I view every day as a learning experience and take on challenges that might be outside my comfort zone quite regularly. It’s good for solving weird problems that don’t fit a course curriculum, less good for building a traditional career. To survive, I have presided over a small technology consultancy for over 6 years and occasionally picked up side work from time when I needed a change of pace.

As time continues, I may continue to post about whatever I’m doing now, the thoughts I have about past experience, and whatever I think is going to come. I will do my best to make each post remain on a topic and I don’t think I will be releasing any sort of blog series for now.

So where’s that leave the content of this blog? #

This is a personal scratchpad of things I can’t publish elsewhere; either because I know they’ll get buried and remain inaccessible or it just wouldn’t make sense to post in any other community or place (like my work blog). I want this to remain linkable and as minimal as possible. Right now money’s a little tight so I am in need of time conservation and a more intense focus on my income sources. By not having to spend my day stuck in discourse, I should be able to take on more work.

I hope to create things that are informative and interesting. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter if you stumble on this blog and have any questions/suggestions. I have come to view Twitter as an ephemeral medium, so I set my tweets to purge out monthly. Subscribe to the blog if you want updates on when I release new posts.

So please, walk with me down this path of words and we’ll see where the journey takes us.


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